Omethod Philosophy


The core of Omethod begins with looking to the skin’s needs to help maintain and support its natural functions. Omethod works to correct imbalances and address the health of the skin instead of subduing those functions and manipulating the outcome. This philosophy makes oil method cleansing paramount to optimal wellness, healing, and beauty. Omethod face care utilizes simple, clean, all natural ingredients that the skin understands and responds to.


Why Oil Method?


Oil method is a concept of skin cleansing that removes impurities from the skin, balances natural functions, while supporting the protective nature of the skin. Many products incorporate the use of harsh detergents and surfactants to remove impurities during the cleansing process. At the same time, these harsh cleansers impair the protective quality of the acid mantle, leaving the skin vulnerable and in need of repair. Oil method heals and repairs the skin to provide necessary cleansing while feeding the skin without damaging the it’s integrity.