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Martin George Skin originated through Martin G. Hansen’s passion for skin care, product formulation, and holistic health. MGS was born from a love of medicine making and an affinity for the beautiful, raw materials that nature offers. Martin George created a company of products that achieves healing on a multiple of levels to encompass emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. 

Martin George Skin aims to be an aspect of holistic wellness for every person, through clean and natural...


Martin George Skin uses only the highest quality of natural ingredients available. From skin nurturing organic carrier oils to active therapeutic essential oils and vibrant plant medicines, this careful selection of ingredients ensures the best possible products to support your skin’s needs, while benefiting your overall health.

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Omethod Skincare

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"I highly recommend the Omethod for skin care needs. Throughout my life, I have dealt with dry and oily skin. The Balance oil and Hydrate moisturizer kept me acne free and glowing. I definitely give this product 5 stars. Never again will I use generic retail products."

— Zachary, Denver, Co

"I have been looking for products like these for a very long time. The oil cleanser works amazingly for ultra soft skin. The masks and lotions are incredible and the scrub is so clearing. The best part is, they're some of the most natural products out there!"

-Michelle, San Francisco, Ca

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